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Organ Summary - Lower Urinary Tract (LUT)


Lower Urinary Tract



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The development of the murine urethra

By about TS20-21 (12-13 dpc), the endodermally derived urogenital sinus initially forms all of the lining of the future bladder, with the urachus at its apex. The latter structure is directed ventrally and slightly rostrally towards the umbilical region, and indeed runs in the umbilical cord. Initially, it contains a lumen that remains canalised until shortly before birth. The most rostral part of the urogenital sinus gives rise to the majority of the lining of the bladder, and the most caudal part is believed to give rise to its urethral derivatives, although exactly which parts has yet to be determined. (moreā€¦)

Urethra (Theiler Stage 21)


Urethra (Theiler Stage 23)