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Querying by Gene | GUDMAP

Querying by Gene

One of the most common ways users want to search is by gene or genes of interest.

On this page:

Searching by gene name or symbol

Enter a gene symbol/name (or synonym) in either of the following ways:

  • Use the search box on the homepage ( (See Figure 1)
  • Use the menu navigation (BROWSE DATA > Gene Search) to go to the Gene page and either use the Gene facet in the left sidebar or type in the gene name in the field above the search results
Screenshot of using the search field on the home page with sox10
Figure 1: Using the search field on home page with "sox10"

The results include GUDMAP records that contain information about the expression of the gene or genes of interest and any available related data in our repository.

The Available Expression Data and Representative Images columns indicate the kinds of data available for that gene.

Screenshot of the results page
Figure 2: Zoomed in view of the results page after doing a gene search for "sox10".

Batch querying

You can also search for multiple genes at the same time. See Batch Querying for more information.

Available filters for genes

The filtering sidebar allows you to narrow you search by the following filtering categories:

Filter category Use this filter to search by…
Gene Symbol NCBI Symbol
Species Model organism
Any Expression Data (Available, Not available) Available records that include any expression data.
Imaging Data (Available, Not available) Available records that include any imaging data.
Scored Expression Data (Available, Not available) Available records that include any scored expression data.
Array Data (Available, Not available) Available records that include any microarray data.
scRNASeq Visualization Data Available records that include any single cell RNA-Seq visualizations..
Synonyms Known synonyms for genes proteins.
MGI Symbol Gene symbols used by the Mouse Genome Informatics Database (MGI).
Scored Anatomical Region Available anatomical regions with scored expression data.
Specimen Assay Type Assay types for specimen data such as in-situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry.
Antibody Tests Available test results for antibodies.