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Using Data Collections | GUDMAP

Using Data Collections

Data collections are a curated set of GUDMAP data collected into one easily citable and referenced location with a permanent identifier (DOI), usually for the purposes of:

  • A publication. A collection can consolidate all of the source data related to a paper - not just the low resolution images available within a paper. Readers can unambiguously obtain full quality, source data that was referenced in the paper, which translates to repeatable experiments.
  • A collaboration between multiple projects. A data collection can help ensure that all parties are working with the exact same data and protocols.

To see our currently available collections, click here.

If you are a GUDMAP project publishing a paper, please:

  • Create and reference a “Data Collection” for data included in your paper and any additional data you wish to be considered relevant to the published project.
  • Refer to Citing GUDMAP to learn how to add your data citation in the bibliography section, and how to cite your data collection in the manuscript.