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Editorial Office Protocols

ISH / IHC / Tg Data

Manual checking protocols

Submission ID
Checks ensure the Unique Identifier for each submission given by the submitter is in the correct format.

Person Details
Checks ensure that the Submitter, Authors, submitting lab and PI lab details are correct.

Probe Details
Clone name, sequence Accession ID, Gene details & probe additional notes checked using the MGI & NCBI databases.

Specimen Details
Stage, strain, sex, genotype, fixation / embedding method and discussion notes checked.

Images Details
Checks ensure the filenames are in the accepted format for database entry and that the short note given for each image corresponds to the number of image filenames.

Annotation I & II Columns
Checks ensure that the correct format and annotation rules are being followed. 

The online annotation tool replaces this part of the spreadsheet.  Checks on the submissions annotated using the online annotation tool are carried out to ensure that the sex and Theiler stage given are the same as in the spreadsheet.

Related Data Columns
Related Data Database, Related Data Submission ID & Related Data type checks ensure that the submission data is linked to the correct data sets in either GUDMAP or other databases since this additional information can support the interpretation of the results displayed in GUDMAP.

Submitter acknowledgements are checked to ensure they are correct.

The publication reference details given in these columns show where the data has been published for further reading and are checked.

Tissue Type Column
Checks ensure that the correct tissue has been assayed and matches the annotated data and the sex of the specimen.

Non_Wildtype Details
Checks carried out using other databases e.g. MMRRC, PUBMED.

Transgenic Reporter Alleles
Checks carried out using other databases e.g. MMRRC, PUBMED.

Results Notes
Checks ensure that the correct data note is included e.g. sex-related gene expression difference observed in the gonad.

Further computational checks

The spreadsheet is put through the parser & image checker.  Checks ensure that:

Errors flagged by the parser are manually checked by the Editor. 

For more details on automated checking protocols please see the following links: