Generation of Genetically Engineered Mice

A collection of genetically modified mouse strains which allow one to mark specific cell types in the GU tract through fluorescent proteins or the Cre recombinase will greatly facilitate the research aimed at understanding the molecular and cellular interactions that underlying the development of GU tract.  The GUDMAP consortium plans to generate about 12 such strains a year and to perform an initial validation of these strains.  All of the strains generated including mouse embryonic stem cell clones will be made available to the research community through an appropriate distribution center. 

In order to maximize the value of this effort, selection of genes to be targeted by the GUDMAP consortium will be made in consultation with the research community. If you would like to make a suggestion as to which gene to target, please email Pumin Zhang, and include in the email your name, title, institution and a brief rationale for your suggestion of gene(s) to target by the consortium.