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Male Reproductive System




The testis and its immediate drainage system

The cortical cords that give rise to the primitive testicular cords will later differentiate into the seminiferous cords (seminiferous tubules). These form septae that will subdivide the testes perpendicularly into discrete longitudinal units. The testicular cords will shortly afterwards become associated with the tubular tissue located in the hilar or mediastinal region of the testis, termed the rete testis, and this will, considerably later, effectively “drain” the sperm that differentiates within the seminiferous cords into the efferent ducts. Drainage of the “morphologically mature” spermatozoa subsequently occurs into the mesonephric duct-derived drainage system of the testis, although such spermatozoa need to undergo exposure to certain substances within the female tract before they are capable of fertilising an egg (see below). At this stage, the interstitial cells are located in the regions between the seminiferous cords. (more…)


Testis (Theiler Stage 21)