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Organ Summary - Lower Urinary Tract (LUT)

Genital tubercle

Lower Urinary Tract

genital tubercle


genital tubercle of male


genital tubercle of female


The development of the murine genital tubercle

A genital tubercle is first apparent at about TS19 (11.5 dpc) while the two genital folds (later to form the labial folds in females and the scrotal folds in males) are first noted at about TS17-18 (10.5-11 dpc). The genital folds later fuse rostrally in the region of the genital tubercle. In the male, the scrotal folds also fuse across the ventral midline at about TS22 (14 dpc) to form the scrotal folds (or scrotal sac), while in the female these do not fuse across the ventral midline. (moreā€¦)

Genital tubercle (Theiler Stage 21)