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Mesonephros of female

Female Reproductive System

mesonephros of female



Development of the ovary and the internal genital duct system in the female

The differentiation of the ovary is less obvious than that of the testis. This is principally because no histological equivalent of "stripes" is observed within it. Once sexual dimorphism has occurred, at about TS21 (13 dpc), the location of the ovaries and testes is similar to that observed previously. Very shortly after this period, however, the kidneys begin to "ascend" to their definitive location, while the ovaries remain in a position close to the site of their first appearance. They appear to be "fixed" in this position, possibly due to the anchoring effect of the ovarian ligament, which probably represents the homologue of the gubernaculum. Little evidence of the round ligament of the uterus is seen at this stage. Unlike the situation in the human, the ovaries in the mouse fail to "descend" into the pelvis. (moreā€¦)


Mesonephros of female (Theiler Stage 21)