GUDMAP at ASN Renal Week 2009

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Educational Symposium, Thursday 29th October 2009
7:00pm - 8:30pm, San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina

Using GUDMAP: A Resource for Scientists and Clinicians

Session Description
The Gentiourinary Development Molecular Atlas Project (GUDMAP) aims to comprehensively define the molecular basis of development of the kidney, lower urinary tract and reproductive system so as to increase our understanding of development and disease. Gene expression has been examined using both microarray and in situ hybridization, allowing the definition of critical signaling pathways and the creation of a visual atlas of kidney development. A database with 260 microarrays of urogenital development and over 7000 in situ hybridisation entries describing the expression of almost 3000 genes is now available ( Please note: doors open at 6:30 pm.

Session Objectives
The purpose of this session is to: 1) introduce the database and the technologies used to generate the data; and 2) show how users can interrogate the database by gene, gene function, tissue, stage, and data type, and then correlate the information with human disease. Speakers will illustrate via a live internet connection how to navigate through the database and will demonstrate its utility for both basic scientists and clinicians.

Session Acknowledgements
ASN thanks its Basic Science Committee for assistance with this program.

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